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Conferences are generally held every two years and are sponsored by a regional Building Envelope Council.  At an NBEC Board of Directors meeting during each Conference it is determined which regional Building Envelope Council (BEC) will host the next Conference.  The host BEC will then establish the date, venue, and theme of their Conference. 

A typical Conference will have the host BEC Organizing Committee issuing a Call for Abstracts approximately 18 months before the Conference.  A process employing a Technical Committee comprising various specialists drawn from the National BEC membership who have volunteered to Chair the specific Sessions will then review the abstracts and select the papers as appropriate to meet the requirements of the Conference.  The intent being that the papers accepted provide relevant information on the breadth of current academic, R&D, field experience and construction topics and keep within the theme of the current Conference.  For the Peer Review process, Session Chairs are tasked with obtaining the assistance of two to three contemporaries within the building science and building technology community to provide commentary on the content of each paper. This commentary is then forwarded to the authors to allow them to modify and correct their papers, as they deemed appropriate.  This process is intended to ensure that Conference papers are appropriate for presentation at a National technical forum and inclusion in the written Proceedings.


It is important to understand that the publication of Conference papers does not indicate responsibility for nor acceptance of the technical accuracy or content suitability by NBEC, BCBEC, the Session Chairs or the sponsoring organizations. These proceedings do not represent the opinions or beliefs of the Organizing Committee members nor the companies or organizations from which the Organizing Committee members were drawn.  Each paper solely represents the research, ideas, perspectives and beliefs of the author(s). Publication in Conference proceedings ensures that all members of our building science and building technology community are able to review and discuss the issues presented in an open forum, in keeping with the original objectives of NBEC.

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